Never lose a web again with

ArkWSaver: Safeguard and

preserve your content

Introducing ArkWSaver, a powerful Chrome extension designed to

revolutionize your web browsing experience. Say goodbye to the

frustration of losing important websites or forgetting valuable

articles. With ArkWSaver, you can effortlessly manage your web

content, ensuring that every intriguing site, captivating article, and

essential information is securely saved and readily accessible

whenever you need it.

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Where is the WebPage I was checking ?

Kill bookmarks!! Prevent miss the web pages that are important ! Save the content as youwant ! no

ads no extra stuff just your content !

Private content

Private with full content

The webpage is saved as you see it, including all the components, images, and styles.

Your content is private to you!! As owner of your internet of knowledge you choose with who you share your refined knowledge !

Save the content that you want

Custom content

Remove the components you don't want, like ads, comments, buttons whatever is not necessary for your page.

Want to modify text on the page ? of course you can, your content your way !

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The ultimate way to store your content

Supercharge your browser and take control of your content that you want!

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